Fun.'s Current Projects
Fun. performed a new song, "Harsh Lights" off their upcoming album.

Fun.'s covered Beck's "Please Leave The Light On When You Go".
Other Current Projects
Jack's second band Bleachers'first LP "Strange Desire" is out now!

Emily Moore & Nate Harold of fun.'s live band recently debuted their band Maro.
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Hi friends! My name's Ashley, I'm 19, and this is my fun. sideblog. My main blog is holdthephones if for some reason you would like to follow me there!!!  

I made it out from under the sun, and the truth is that I feel better because I've forgiven everyone.

some-nates -> somenates

Nate in Mexico City last night.

july 20th, 2013 | columbia, md
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Eventually FUN.’s going to release a song that’s just 3 minutes of Nate screaming “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM”


Things never change. (miss you so much)